Monday, October 4, 2010

Random Thoughts I

When I don't feel like posting a long, well-thought-out blog but I still wanna talk, this will probably do the trick.  Anything that pops into my head that I want to share with whoever wants to know, I'll stick it in these Random Thoughts posts.  Kind of like Twitter I guess, but I ain't joining Twitter.

That Fibre 1 commercial with the talking bike seat... where do I get one of those bike seats?  She sounds motivating.  And hot.  Just sayin'.

The Hasselbot... incredibly annoying and seemingly blind to the world, yet hard not to stare at and immensely entertaining.

When will skinny models go away?  What kind of guy likes a really skinny girl anyway?  Are those guys afraid of the meatier girls who will kick their ass?

Chocolate covered almonds rock... my bowels.  But damn they're good.

I might start a blog page documenting David Alward's imminent screwups over the next 4 years.  I hope that page has enough memory on it.  Shawn Graham screwed up colossally too, but the DA scares me.

I don't hate "Glee", just the fans.  No wait... I hate "Glee" too.  Sad that McCartney, Coldplay and even my mighty KISS has sold out to that crap.

Being unemployed really, really, really sucks.  Trying to find work sucks worse.  But, I have traded in work stress for the worrying kind that accompanies Hyperventilation Syndrome.

Nice hearing from Aly, an old AOL buddy when I was on that network way back.  She's actually an inspiration.

Looking forward to "Caprica" tomorrow night.  What a show.  Taken place on a planet in a galaxy a long time ago far, far away like Earth, but not entirely.  Draws parallels that will make people talk.

This blog here does NOT mean I have Attention Defic.... LEGS ARE ON TV!!!!

If you haven't seen me a lot lately, bear in mind I'm an introvert.  It's not you, it's me.

I'm worried about hatred that's bubbling to the surface among some that I know or know of.  Extremists exists among all religions, including Christian.  And none of those extremists are justified.

Speaking of hatred... why is the word "liberal" so reviled by so many?  I'm a liberal conservative.  Or a moderate.  I believe in socialism to some degree but not abortion or capital punishment.

By the way... if you hate "liberals", I AM one.  In other words, find a better outlet for your hatred.  You never know who you're going to offend.  All you need is love.  Love is all you need.

I've been saying it for a long time now, but I believe my brother Rick is pretty much now the official gatekeeper of the Cooks.  And so deserved.  He is the model for what all of his siblings should be.

My daughter is the smartest, hardest working 14 year old I know of and the sweetest.  I might be biased because she's our kid though.

I really like the Dr. Oz show, but it freaks me out a bit.  Is everything around me going to kill me or what?  And does any of his advice apply to men or is he strictly for the ladies?

The Afghan war can not be won and won't be won.  Never in history has democracy been successfully forced upon a society that doesn't have it by a foreign country or countries.  This is no different.

Did Ann Coulter disappear?  I know she's really thin.  Maybe she just turned sideways.

If you think church is the most segregated hour of the week, you haven't been to St. Bernard's here in Moncton.

I wish my daughter wasn't into so much crap music.  But, I do hope one day at least she'll redeem herself by saying "I can't believe I used to like that!"

I said to my wife last night that I believe she is the most reasonable person, man or woman, I've ever known personally.  Strong as an ox mentally... and physically, it's best not to piss her off either.

Here's hoping good luck holds up in my friend Sara's love life.  She deserves happiness.

Thank God for my cats.  These times at home by myself wouldn't be tolerable without those furry little monsters running around.

That'll be all for now I guess.  Any questions or comments?


  1. I like it and think this is very interesting. I can not wait to see more of it.


  2. luv it : ) i like your thought process