Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random Thoughts II

Nice to hear at church Sunday morning a parishoner approach me and compliment me on my reading during mass.  I do rehearse before Church on Sundays and try to say what I mean and mean what I say.

A job opportunity is floating in the air for me just out of my grasp, but I need someone from the other side of it to nudge it towards me.  Next time I post here hopefully it'll be good news about that.

Going for counseling via my job coach supplied by Services NB about confidence issues on my part.  I requested the help.  I'm aware of my lack of self worth and want to fix it.

Thinking of switching gyms because of affordability issues, but probably won't.

Could a truck driving education be in my future?  Might be closer than we think.

October 30th a band called 7 Come 11 is playing at Cheers Bar here in Moncton.  My old buddy Wayne plays guitar.  Might check them out as I haven't done so yet.

I'm annoyed that the media takes jabs at Catholics every chance they get.  Brother Andre from Quebec was just canonized into sainthood by the Vatican yet all they seem to talk about is what's wrong with us.

Dr. Oz is going to lecture us via his TV show about aspartame this week.  Doing my own research on the subject and reading various sides, I have no fears.  Sorry Ozzy.

For some reason, I see my daughter running her own Shoppers Drug Mart one day as a front store manager, unless she has even higher aspirations.  We sure are proud of her work ethic.

Considering getting into my drumming a bit more seriously.  Let's see what's on the horizon.

Janice is a bit frustrated at her shrinking without seeing the numbers on the scale dropping.  For a woman in her mid 40's, she can show most women her age what being in shape is all about.

TNA (Total Nonstop Action) Wrestling is fun to watch these days.  More so than WWE.  But the women there are especially fun to look at!  Not to mention they're far more athletic.

But speaking of athletic, the women at the gym I admire the most are of the heavier set.  They're there to make change, and getting through those doors time after time is commendable.

Listening to my cat Crocky woof his cookies as I type this during the night hours.  Almost makes me want to woof myself.

The newest season of Dexter certainly rocks.  If you've never caught this show, find season 1 online or in a video store somewhere and sample it.  I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

David (Awkward) Alward is now running the province.  Into the ground.  Starting off by what looks to be privatizing NB liquor stores and appointing a PC buddy to get the job done.  Surprise, surprise.

The KFC Double Down is finally here.  Don't be scared of the sky high salt and fat in it, that's in all fast food.  What you have to be scared of is the $6.99 they want for it.  NOT a combo.  But, they are good.

I don't like Stephen Harper.  But I do want our military to have those planes.  Yes, it is $16 billion, but in classic Canadian form, are we going to wait until what we have falls apart?  Can you say... Sea Kings?

I know I'm in the minority, but every... single... time... I hear "New York" by Alicia Keys and the talking guy, Jay-Z or whoever, I'm filled with a feeling similar of what I get when I hear nails on a chalkboard.

And I thought some conservatives in Canada were thick.  Have you seen... no, heard... that Christine O'Donnell chick running for office down in the States?  WTF doesn't just stand for the end of the week folks.

The Amazing Race is a downright bore this year.  Survivor was good until they screwed around with the tribes yet again; no more young vs old as advertised.  I'll keep watching though.  What else is on, right?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Your time could have been spent doing something else, but you chose to read my thoughts, and I deeply appreciate it.

Till next time....

Monday, October 4, 2010

Random Thoughts I

When I don't feel like posting a long, well-thought-out blog but I still wanna talk, this will probably do the trick.  Anything that pops into my head that I want to share with whoever wants to know, I'll stick it in these Random Thoughts posts.  Kind of like Twitter I guess, but I ain't joining Twitter.

That Fibre 1 commercial with the talking bike seat... where do I get one of those bike seats?  She sounds motivating.  And hot.  Just sayin'.

The Hasselbot... incredibly annoying and seemingly blind to the world, yet hard not to stare at and immensely entertaining.

When will skinny models go away?  What kind of guy likes a really skinny girl anyway?  Are those guys afraid of the meatier girls who will kick their ass?

Chocolate covered almonds rock... my bowels.  But damn they're good.

I might start a blog page documenting David Alward's imminent screwups over the next 4 years.  I hope that page has enough memory on it.  Shawn Graham screwed up colossally too, but the DA scares me.

I don't hate "Glee", just the fans.  No wait... I hate "Glee" too.  Sad that McCartney, Coldplay and even my mighty KISS has sold out to that crap.

Being unemployed really, really, really sucks.  Trying to find work sucks worse.  But, I have traded in work stress for the worrying kind that accompanies Hyperventilation Syndrome.

Nice hearing from Aly, an old AOL buddy when I was on that network way back.  She's actually an inspiration.

Looking forward to "Caprica" tomorrow night.  What a show.  Taken place on a planet in a galaxy a long time ago far, far away like Earth, but not entirely.  Draws parallels that will make people talk.

This blog here does NOT mean I have Attention Defic.... LEGS ARE ON TV!!!!

If you haven't seen me a lot lately, bear in mind I'm an introvert.  It's not you, it's me.

I'm worried about hatred that's bubbling to the surface among some that I know or know of.  Extremists exists among all religions, including Christian.  And none of those extremists are justified.

Speaking of hatred... why is the word "liberal" so reviled by so many?  I'm a liberal conservative.  Or a moderate.  I believe in socialism to some degree but not abortion or capital punishment.

By the way... if you hate "liberals", I AM one.  In other words, find a better outlet for your hatred.  You never know who you're going to offend.  All you need is love.  Love is all you need.

I've been saying it for a long time now, but I believe my brother Rick is pretty much now the official gatekeeper of the Cooks.  And so deserved.  He is the model for what all of his siblings should be.

My daughter is the smartest, hardest working 14 year old I know of and the sweetest.  I might be biased because she's our kid though.

I really like the Dr. Oz show, but it freaks me out a bit.  Is everything around me going to kill me or what?  And does any of his advice apply to men or is he strictly for the ladies?

The Afghan war can not be won and won't be won.  Never in history has democracy been successfully forced upon a society that doesn't have it by a foreign country or countries.  This is no different.

Did Ann Coulter disappear?  I know she's really thin.  Maybe she just turned sideways.

If you think church is the most segregated hour of the week, you haven't been to St. Bernard's here in Moncton.

I wish my daughter wasn't into so much crap music.  But, I do hope one day at least she'll redeem herself by saying "I can't believe I used to like that!"

I said to my wife last night that I believe she is the most reasonable person, man or woman, I've ever known personally.  Strong as an ox mentally... and physically, it's best not to piss her off either.

Here's hoping good luck holds up in my friend Sara's love life.  She deserves happiness.

Thank God for my cats.  These times at home by myself wouldn't be tolerable without those furry little monsters running around.

That'll be all for now I guess.  Any questions or comments?